Sunday, 18 April 2010

Feature on us by 'words on the topic'

In last month's interview, jewellery designer MishaMakes told me that Brighton Handmade Co-operative were setting up shop on St James's Street.As of today, said shop is open for business and is full of wonderful unique crafts, from pins to pants, at very reasonable prices. Items range from just 50p to £50 - suck on that Cath Kidston! The Co-operative was founded when Kirstin Stride started running craft fairs at the Komedia once a month, attracting 22 designers selling their wares. The artists now all rent space in the former sweet-shop, owned by a friend of Kirsten's, volunteer their time as shopkeepers and take away 100% profit from the sale of their goods. A 'lovely' concept, as a sign in the window points out. My favourite items in the shop are the vintage material cushions, retro-patterened underwear and a gorgeous black lace and white pleated skirt dress - only £35! Next pay day, it will be mine. The shop is the perfect place to pick up a little something different for a gift, or just a treat for yourself and there are some fab homewares with which to make your place unique.
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