Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Rosa Pietsch - Handmade jewellery and accessories

Before I leave you to drool over her work, I'd like to introduce Rosa Pietsch. You can find her work gracing the shelves of Handmade. Her newest collection is full of lovely geometric shapes, and bold, striking lines. Come into the shop to get some for yourself. VERY on trend for this season, and the next, and the next, and the next.

When did you start making things?

When I was little I was obsessed with drawing, painting and making things, then when I was about 15/16 I began making jewellery, really kitsch stuff like tape-measure brooches, and earrings made from toy shoes and guitar plectrums. I decided to start selling on eBay and had weekly auctions for quite a while. I also sold through social networking sites like Livejournal and Myspace. I’ve gone off on loads of different tangents since then, so have ended up with an extremely eclectic collection of pieces that I’ve made over the years!

How did you find out about Handmade?

I took part in a couple of the Handmade Brighton craft fairs, which I found out about online. I’d also taken part in some other local craft fairs but the Handmade one looked particularly creative and interesting. I wanted to take part in the shop as soon as it opened, but was working day and night on my degree (fashion design) so had to wait til after I’d graduated.

What do you find is the most inspiring thing in your life? (person, place, object, etc)

I know it’s really boring to say this, but it can be anything! I love pattern, shapes, lines, details and colours, rather than a particular ‘style’. So I often find inspiration in the details on parts of buildings, natural forms, surfaces...things like that! I love art deco patterns and I also love the detail in world crafts/artworks, for example Indian textiles and tribal patterns. I did a print design internship in Jaipur, India, which got me really into print and pattern.

What is the song you just can’t get out of your head right now?

Thanks to Spotify I’ve been listening to loads of bands I haven’t heard in years so lots of nostalgia! Loads of cheesy metal and 90s pop too. One song that’s been stuck in my head recently that’s actually by a new band is ‘I’ll Be Alright’ by a Brighton band called White Light.

Do you prefer to work alone or with others? Why?

I did love living and working with friends from my course while I was still studying my degree, and I enjoy having company and someone to chat to while I’m working. But particularly when I’m working on a new idea and I need to concentrate, I love being on my own and listening to really loud music while making things! I’d like to collaborate with people in the future though, could be fun…

What was the best meal you’ve eaten in the last week?

I attempted making some crispy spicy tofu and that went pretty well…also my friend cooked an amazing home made pizza the other day.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Unfortunately I haven’t won the lottery yet so I have to work in a pub to pay the bills! So really I’d say I do all my jewellery making/designing/researching in my spare time! Also love music and live gigs, watching films, and catching up with friends. How cheesy!

Thanks very much Rosa!

Monday, 30 May 2011

Once Upon a Time, An Exhibition by Angela Chick
30 June 2011 - 31 July 2011
Handmade Shop 106 St James Street, Brighton BN2 1TP

We will launch the exhibition with a private view at the Handmade Shop (106 St James Street) at 8.30pm on Thursday, 30 June 2011.

Angela will be exhibiting work from an ongoing project which focuses on her obsession with collections. Her work explores the lives of others and creates a playful response to her everyday inspirations featuring illustrations, written word and textile work.

Handmade Brighton has been around for over a year now, and we realised we needed to utilise our basement space. We thought we could use it as a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work in a small gallery setting. This would provide the perfect place for artists to try out ideas, and share their work with the public. We also plan to run a series of workshops and talks which we will be publishing information about nearer the time. Handmade is a not for profit shop which allows the artists to keep all of their profits.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hey guys! Guess what? In June we're going to be taking part in a great event at the Green Door Store in Brighton. Handmade will have a pop-up shop, the Brighton Sausage Co. will be there selling some sausages, and Susie Clarke will be performing. Click here to check out the facebook event for more information.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Introducing Blatant Self Promotion

If you’ve popped into the shop over the past month, you may have noticed that there’s some new clothing all up in here! We currently stock a range of skirts from the label Blatant Self Promotion, the brain-baby of recent Brighton immigrant, Zoe Edwards.

A-line skirts in a palette of red, grey and black feature hand-appliqu├ęd leather bird motifs and satin stitched lettering to wearable graphic effect. A wider range of styles from this label will be hitting our rails imminently, but if you wish to snap up one of this first batch, you’d best hurry as they’ve been selling steadily since they arrived.

Since her arrival to Brighton last August, fresh from a two year ‘adventure’ in Barcelona, this self-confessed sewing obsessive has been a busy creative lady. She landed her dream job at Traidremade, the refashioning and upcycling wing of the charity Traid. Outside of work hours, she co-organises Brighton Craftaganza, a fantastic craft market held at Fabrica. The first was held in March this year, and provided an exciting platform for local designer/makers (including many of the designers stocked in Handmade) to sell their wares and add further prove that handmade goods rival and surpass mass-manufactured goods in quality, originality and sustainability.

An member of the online sewing and sustainability communities, Zoe has also organised a number of world-wide handmade clothing challenges, the latest being Me-Made-June ’11 which aims to encourage sewers, knitters, crochetters, etc. to wear the fruits of their labours for the duration of the month. Check out her blog to find out what she’s been up to lately.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Yuki Snow

Our newest recruit is the fabulously talented Yuki Snow. Her bags and cards are currently gracing our shelves - come check then out!!

New tee shirts by Emily the Pemily

Lovely Emily popped in today with some of her hand printed tee shirts - we've been eagerly waiting these for a while!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Rock Cakes - Sarah Meredith

Here's a quick interview with Sarah from Rock Cakes. Handmade carries a selection of her cards, jewelry and accessories. Such lovely little treats, also check out her website below to see the most wonderful slr camera necklace. Yum!

-when did you start making things?
i made my first piece of precious jewellery when i was 16 during my art gnvq and then did my art foundation then a degree in jewellery. i remember as a kid being about seven or eight sitting at my little bedroom desk cutting and sticking christmas cards, i've made things for as long as i can remember.

-how did you find out about Handmade?
i walked passed one day had to go in 'cus of the pretty things in the window, when i got home i told my husband about it and it turned out that he knew click click jim (kirstin of handmade's boyfriend) and gave me the email address of handmade so i got in touch asking if there was room for one more....

-what do you find is the most inspiring thing in your life? (person, place, object, etc)
my husband is very, very hardworking, he is a photographer, so work is a massive integral part of our lives, i also find brighton inspiring, there are so many creative and talented people living here, there are fab galleries, shops, and even the graffiti in this town is inspiring. i am also inspired by other makers, i could give you a list if you want one but i think that you only want one thing, that is hard, i get inspiration from books and i am a fashion magazine junky.

-what is the song you just can't get out of your head right now
twinkle twinkle little star

-do you prefer to work alone or with others? Why?
Im a bit of a loner, i'm not really sure why, i guess that i do get lost in my work sometimes and this is easier to do when you work alone plus i work a lot from home. i guess that i find it more self indulgent to work alone.

-what was the best meal you've eaten in the last week?
i had a sausage sandwich on toasted brown bred yesterday from the seven bees cafe in town, the guy that runs it is a bit of a perfectionist and only gets the best sausages and locally produced yummy butter and even toasts the bread exactly as you ask! - simple but delicious, with sweet coffee... mmmmmm

-what do you like to do in your spare time?
I don't have any!!! I look after my lil' girl full time (she just turned one) I do my work around her, if she is sleeping or engrossed in her toys then i will be cutting and sticking, gocco printing, sorting out stones, drawing, uploading a picture to flickr or etsy, looking at vogue or writing a list, i write a lot of lists and then never read them.

-is there a favourite piece of your work you would like to share?

i've got a few... every cloud necklace, jonathan tooth, birdbrain ring and on friday i made "arthur the bird king" ring, he sold yesterday so i don't have him anymore...

i think i'll choose "arthur the bird king" as he is new, he is made from silver with an 18ct yellow gold crown and black diamond eyes, here he is...