Wednesday, 31 August 2011

'Sales for People who Hate Selling' Symposium

We are really excited to announce a collaboration with Brighton Craftaganza: a symposium designed to help designers/crafters/artists improve their technique in the tricky area of face-to-face sales. ‘Sales for People who Hate Selling’ is open to anyone who is interested in this topic, it’s not just for those who sell at Brighton Craftaganza or stock in the Handmade shop.

It’s no secret that most creative people hate selling. It’s awkward and embarrassing to sell in a face to face situation to people you don’t know. This is especially true when selling stuff you have made yourself. We are such critical ‘parents’ that we forget that the stuff we make is UNIQUE, PRECIOUS and LOVINGLY HANDMADE and therefore stupidly, tremendously, staggeringly VALUABLE. The paradox is that selling more stuff is brilliant for makers. The more you sell, the more time you can spend making more stuff. It is a positive cycle.

So, what can you expect from this ‘Sales for People who Hate Selling’ symposium? Well, it will start with a structured discussion about the values and motivations behind creating and selling so we can all learn about why we as individuals want to sell and how we would ideally like to do it.

There will then be a presentation on how to use basic selling theory to open communication, build rapport and communicate just how special and desireable your work is and, finally, some basic strategies to CLOSE THE SALE. This presentation will be brought to you by Zoe Edwards of Brighton Craftaganza, Patrick Potter – Content Marketer & Copywriter and Anthony Appleton – Sales Trainer.

The presentation will be followed by group discussion in which everyone, from those who are already excellent sellers of their creations to those who are totally new to it, are welcome to share ideas, thoughts and feelings.

This symposium will give you an introduction to sales theory and a whole load of super-stimulating conversation with really interesting peers looking to achieve the same things you are.

SO… how can you sell more stuff in face-to-face situations? You can start by coming down to the symposium on SATURDAY 10TH SEPTEMBER at the basement space here at the Handmade Co-op, 106 St James Street, BN2 1TP (next to the Saint James pub). It will start at 5pm until approx. 7pm. This event is free and tea and coffee will be provided, however we ask for a voluntary donation of £2 per person to assist us with the overheads of hosting this event.

If you are interested in coming along, please leave a comment on this post or send Zoe a quick email to craftaganza (at) g mail (dot) com to give us a rough idea of numbers. Please feel free to use that email address also if you have queries.

Hope to see you there!!!!

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  1. I really want to be there! I don't finish work until 5.15pm then have to get there. I suppose it would be awful to turn up part way through? I'll see what I can do.