Friday, 18 March 2011

Joanna Corney

Hi everyone, to kick off the featured artists, I present to you Joanna Corney. She's been selling for the last couple months at Handmade and her stuff is absolutely fabulous! She sells a variety of items from cushions (pictured) to lovely little screen printed notebooks and cards and even screen printed buttons. Not pictured (but available in the shop along with everything else) are her Lamp Post tote bags for only £7! What a bargain! Pop into the shop to check her out! A perfect way to inject that certain Brighton je ne sais quois into your abode.

-when did you start making things?
I have wanted to be a designer maker for a while now, and after
graduating from textile design in July 2010 and having a well needed
break, I just had to get printing again as I absolutely love it! It
has only been in the last couple of months that I have started to
sell my products though.

-how did you find out about Handmade?
I was looking for a shop to put my products in around Brighton, but I
also wanted the shop to sell other local designers and artists work.
I came across Handmade on the internet and after visiting the shop
and seeing all the lovely products in there, I thought it would be
brilliant if I could be part of it.

-what do you find is the most inspiring thing in your life?
(person, place, object, etc)
Well it’s not really a thing, but I have had the opportunity to
travel around parts of Asia. This experience has inspired some of my
work and I really enjoy capturing the culture and uniqueness within
cities in my designs. It has also made me want to explore other parts
of the world to get inspiration and experience other ways of life.

-what is the song you just can't get out of your head right now?
Well at the moment it’s a tie between Two door cinema club, something
good can work and the cover of Bon Iver’s song skinny love by Birdy.

-do you prefer to work alone or with others? Why?
I have always preferred to work with friends around me as I think it
always helps to have other people’s opinions. I also think that other
people inspire and motivate you. In the future I would really like to
have a studio with other designer makers.

-what was the best meal you've eaten in the last week?
A butternut squash risotto and apple crumble with custard for
dessert! I had it last week at a friend’s house then made it again
last night as it was so good!

-what do you like to do in your spare time?
Well I am only printing and making in my spare time at the moment as
I work as well, but it’s my dream to be able to do it full time. But
another hobby of mine is tap dance, I danced when I was very young
for about 10 years and have only just taken it up again!

-is there a favourite piece of your work you would like to share?
Well my favourite piece of work is one of my wallpaper designs. I
haven’t been able to produce any to sell at the moment, so I only
have one trial roll but I am really pleased with it and can’t wait to
be able to print more to sell.

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